St. Louis Bachata Partner Connection & Musicality Bootcamp

About Evan & Bethany:
Currently the Island Touch Regional dance team Directors of St. Louis & Atlanta, World Team Project Directors of Charlotte, owners, instructors and performers of My Rhythms Dance Company – Evan Shuvo and Bethany Gray have 13 years of combined experience teaching Latin dances both locally and nationally. The duo is best known for their teaching style with utmost focus in musicality and partner connection. The duo teaches all aspect of the dances – footwork, Modern movements, Sensual partner connections and fusion techniques.

Why Attend Our Workshops:
1. There may have been a time or two when you attended a workshop and thought you learned a lot but when it came to using the moves you just could not pull it off during your social dance. You may have been able to do parts of the move, but you felt a disconnection between you and your partner.
2. There may be times when you went to a workshop and felt like you have learned very little. You probably thought watching online videos would have saved you both time and money.
3. You may have moved on to a different genre of dance altogether after a few bad experiences that may have added to your frustration. You probably blamed a number of things including the DJ or the dance floor.
If you have experienced any of the above at any point in your dance adventure, you are not alone. We are here to help!

During our workshops you will not only learn the moves, you will build a solid foundation when it comes to 1) techniques, 2) partner connection and 3) musicality. We continue to direct dance teams nationally by teaching the foundations from the very start. Solid foundations in any dance lead to 1) good posture, 2) understanding the need for musicality, 3) learning the musicality, which becomes the “FUN” interaction between you and your partner throughout the dance 4) and, therefore, enabling you to connect with your partner with grace and elegance.

At the end of each workshop, we you feel encouraged with an increased level of satisfaction. We cannot wait to see you on the dance floor!

Course Breakdown:
Bachata styling, techniques, body Isolations & partner connections.

All levels | No partner needed | No experience required

DEC 9, 2017 @ 2:30 PM CENTRAL


How To Enroll & Pay:
Please visit the following website to find payment options. You must register before December 7, 2017 for Early bird specials:

1. The fee at the door is CONSIDERABLY higher for drop in students.
3. All sales are final. No make up lessons available. However, students who enroll for dance team may receive private lesson for $50 per hour per person.

If you have any questions, please reach us by writing to [email protected]

Más información:

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